Crystal Healing

The use of crystals for healing began long before what we now call the new age. As we move into the Aquarian age, crystal healing and energy healing will become much more prevalent.  More individuals are searching for healing solutions that are not only gentle and non-evasive but economical as well.  As people become more discontent with modern medicine, alternative healing solutions will become more popular.  People are becoming more familiar with the power of crystals and their magical and mystical abilities to heal on multiple levels.

Crystals can be used to prevent and cure disease and heal emotional and energetic imbalances. They emit powerful vibrations and frequencies that can affect all of life.  Crystals help to heal, balance, and attune body, mind and soul.  Crystals have been around since ancient civilization and are used commonly in today’s world, much more frequently than you might think. The quartz crystal produces currents of electricity and is found in quartz watches as well as tvs radios, and computers.

The magical and healing properties of crystals have been known to many cultures throughout the ages.  In India, crystals were regarded as having great emotional and spiritual powers.  Aborigines believe that crystals are solarized light that contains the great Spirit and native Americans consider crystals to be the brain cells of mother earth.

In Egypt Cleopatra would soak in a bath of quartz crystal and milk.  Her maids would use Rose Quartz to soften her skin and massage her with Ruby’s and other precious gems.   Her eye-shadow was made of lapis and malachite as crystals were frequently used for cosmetics.   Rose Quartz has been used by many cultures to deliver babies and welcome newborns into the world.  Crystals are not only healing, they are comforting and add beauty and positive energy to our lives.

Crystal healing works by looking beyond the symptoms and at the person and their life as a whole.  As a group we are all connected and as an individual we are intricately connected, body, mind, and soul.  Unlike conventional western medicine, with crystal healing it is impossible to separate emotional, mental, and spiritual problems from the physical as they are all inter-related affecting the individual as a whole.

Crystals embody pure light energy.  They can be described as living computers as they store, hold, and send energy.  Working with crystals helps us to balance all aspects of our being. Working with crystals has the ability to influence the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies all at the same time.  A qualified healer can direct and channel the energy of the right crystal and stone for the needs of the client.  Each crystal and stone has specific healing properties.  The power of crystals can be harnessed to promote deep healing and emotional well-being as well as personal empowerment.

Discover the magic of crystals and their loving healing energy.

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