Crystal Elixirs

Crystal Healing Elixirs Drink To Your Health!

There is a new energy drink, I recommend and you make it yourself.  Not only will a crystal elixir increase your energy, it will raise your vibration and is full of healing benefits!

It’s  easy to make crystal elixirs. You drop your chosen gemstone in a glass/bottle of spring or mineral water (your preference), leave it in for as long as you want, take out the stone (don’t forget that part!) and drink the water. That’s really about it. You have to trust your instinct to take over in the making of crystal elixirs.

Choosing the Stone

This is the hardest part of making your crystal elixir is choosing what rock goes in the water. You need to avoid anything with mercury, lead or sulfur in it. If you are not sure what is in the rock, don’t use it. The crystals from the quartz family are safest, as well as marble and amber (which technically isn’t a rock, I know, but it’s rock-like).

Examples of crystal elixirs and their healing properties:


An amethyst elixir can be used to treat toothaches, skeletal discomforts, posture, and other bone and joint related sickness such as arthritis.  In an elixir form it also cures problems of the digestive tract, the heart, and hearing disorders.  it treats various types of blood disease and balances blood sugar.  It can be used to heal and treat problems of the central nervous system.

Rose Quartz:

My favorite! This elixir is strong but a gentle healing tonic. Rose quartz elixir eases anger and releases negative emotions, bringing emotional release. It can awaken a greater sense of inner peace. It is also wonderful for skin care.  It heals dry skin and ecxzema, reduces wrinkles, clears blemishes, and softens skin.  I drink it every day with sliced lemon.


Great for weight loss!  Removes Toxins, helps to eliminate cellulite,  aids in digestion and treats digestive disorders and can facilitate the diminishment of growths.   It can help balance the thyroid and even increase visual abilities.

I will charge and activate a crystal specifically for you and your elixir.  Activated crystals from my web-site are super-charged with healing benefits.  They will raise your vibration and heal whatever ailment it is programmed for.  Check out my crystal directory or contact me to find the perfect stone for your healing elixir. Love Heals, I send you Love pink.png pink image by berrykawaii

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